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Therapy services

Leapfrog Therapy was established 2007 by Amanda MacLean, Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Inclusion Consultant.  16 years on we are now well known for our practical approach to therapy, and our strong belief in working closely with parents and teachers to achieve common goals.  In addition to our ELC and school visits, we have clinics in Melbourne and Sydney.  Our clinics are filled with practical and accessible therapy items that can be replicated in families homes.

Our large, experienced team of therapists are specialists in Paediatrics, and have a passion for providing high quality, Neurodiversity affirming therapy for children and their families.  We also work closely with the universities in Melbourne and Sydney, training student O.T's, and  finding the best graduates for our graduate programme. The team and clients love the energy, creativity and passion that our newest recruits bring to the team! In addition to direct therapy and support for children and families, we provide parent coaching and drop-in/ mental health clinics for children/ families requiring immediate support. 

Leapfrog Therapists work collaboratively with teachers to provide support and practical strategies/ accomodations that can implemented in classrooms, to help all students to thrive. 

Need an O.T? Check out our website for more information, or to book a consult.


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