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What is a neurodiversity affirming classroom?

Neurodiversity affirming classrooms recognise that there is no right or wrong kind of brain.  Just like there is no right or wrong gender, race, religion or sexuality.  Neurodiversity is the concept that all types of brains should be valued and celebrated.  It's embracing differences as just that- different. Not worse. Not broken. And not something that needs to be fixed. Some of our greatest change makers have been neurodivergent, and with courage and perhaps a streak of rebelliousness were able to think outside the square and find new ways of doing things. 


They are our future inventors, artists, computer wizards, athletes, medics, historians, writers.  They are wired to think differently. And the world needs this now more than ever!

Unfortunately too many students will not reach their potential because of a lack of access to simple accomodations.  We want to create classrooms where neurodivergent students can finally realise their self worth and build their self esteem.  Classrooms where knowledge uptake increases because anxiety is minimised. Written expression is achieved because handwriting challenges are accommodated for. Meaningful connections are made because masking is a thing of the past. Sensory needs are met so students are regulated. And as regulation is the foundation for all learning, students can thrive!

The time has come to stop squeezing square pegs into round holes. To make small practical changes in our classrooms with big impact.


So let's be the change.

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